Indoor & Outdoor Storage in Davenport, IA

Looking to reclaim some of the space in your basement or garage? Need a safe place to store items during a move? When the need for self storage arises, A Plus Self Storage will make sure you’re getting the space you need, at a price that’s right for you.

Our Storage Options

Our facility includes both indoor and outdoor storage in Davenport, IA, spanning a variety of different sizes. Indoor storage units are great for those with more sensitive storage demands, as well as longer storage time horizons. Outdoor storage units are easily accessible by car and great for larger items and shorter, more temporary rental situations.

General units:

5×10, 10×10, 10×20, 10×24

In addition to general storage units, we also have climate-controlled options for customers with specific storage demands. These units keep temperature and humidity levels consistent, which is necessary for items like film or antiques, as well as document storage.

Climate controlled:

5×10, 10×10, 5×15, 10×15

We also have vehicle storage in Davenport, IA, in both indoor storage and outdoor capacities! Trust us for boat storage, RV storage, trailer and camper storage, with complete confidence that it’s safe at all times.

Our Facilities

At A Plus Self Storage, we strive to provide facilities that meet the needs of our customers and. Give. Them peace of mind about choosing us for storage. Count on us for clean, safe, weatherproof storage that’s also pest-free and always secure. Our facilities offer secure lighting and 24/7 access, and they’re monitored by CCTV for your protection. We value safety and security above all else, which means your belongings are always protected at our facilities.

Indoor Storage

  • Clean, well-maintained units
  • Secure lighting
  • Video surveillance
  • 24/7 secure access

Rental Options

Not everyone has the same level of need when it comes to storage. To accommodate you, we have monthly and long-term rental agreements available. Just let us know what type of unit you need and for how long, and we’ll work with you to determine a fair rental agreement and rate.

Contact us at A Plus Self Storage today by calling 563-445-1414 for more information about our vehicle storage rates and for more information about our facilities.