December 11, 2020

2021-03-05 | 17:06:45

"I've had my unit over a year now...I know time to get it out but...I know my stuff is safe there, and I'm really not ready to go through some of my Mother's belongings fully. There has been a few times when my own communication had been lacking or a technological error had occurred, but each time it had been quickly addressed which I truly appreciate since I live 4 hours away. The Wife and Husband team also went above and beyond by checking my unit for me when I was worried about a situation. Thanks for providing a safe place for my belongings!!"
July 17, 2020

2021-03-05 | 17:06:44

"Good Location and Very friendly Owners!"
March 6, 2020

Molly | 2020-03-02 17:26:47

"Niki has been incredible for the many years I've been a customer. I started with a 5x10 unit in January 2017, and eventually had to make my way to a 10x10 in May 2018. Both units climate controlled; clean, cement floors, solid garage doors. Very happy to know my belongings are safe and secure. Thank you Niki and Joe for providing a great storage solution at a very reasonable price!!"
March 2, 2020

Ryan Trotter | 2020-02-25 17:50:01

"Worked with us to get the right sized unit. Clean units with good doors and cement floors. Excellent. "
February 24, 2020

Michael W Scheel | 2020-02-18 20:33:25

"Been a customer for over a year"
A Plus Self Storage